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Friday, November 6, 2009

Over 250,000 Gay Men in NYC... so lets FindFred

My Journey to FIND FRED in NYC has started off with a few interesting situations that have let me meet some new friends and a few possible Freds! FINDFRED.COM has given a new feel to the dating scene in New York City, The City That Never Sleeps where anything and everything can be ordered with the ease of just the click of the mouse or pushing the newest app on your iPhone 24 hours a day. Dating in the Big Apple had turned into just that, with the ease of ordering chinese food at 4 AM you just click and scroll, page after page of faceless shirtless pecs and bi-ceps pictures with a few basic stats attached to them! Most of which are off by 10 years and 20 lbs with profiles that have no real substance beside what they are "into" described in 200 characters or less!
Now I have not given up on the bar scene or the chance that I may Find Fred at the Food Emporium or jogging up the west side highway. But with a busy work schedule and trying to have time for my dogs, friends and of course the gym, going to the bars is not always the most simple way to meet Mr. Right! So with all the M4M Sites out there I came across FINDFRED.COM. Like most sites a few hot guys on the log in page didn't set it apart at first but with the free promo code PIPER I got free Premium Membership for the rest of the year so I said why not try it.... and then there it was everything I was looking for. A site for gay men that was geared not just to hooking up with a quick click of a mouse but also offered social networking for friends and work, they give to local GLBT Charities and are doing a lot in the local GLBT Community and has a REAL Match Feature that can actually help me Find my Fred in this vast dating pool! They even have events to go meet other members of FINDFRED.COM. So I decided to check out one here in my neighborhood, Hells Kitchen!
VLADA Lounge NYC and FINDFRED.COM have "Infused" together to create a new happy hour event the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month called "Infused The Spark" and it was just what I was looking for. I got to meet guys from the area, had amazing drinks that were happy hour prices all night because I am a member of FINDFRED. They gave a pretty hot CD and even had a raffle for Tickets to the 2008 Tony Award Winning Musical In The Heights with all the money going to Broadway Cares Equity Fights AIDS! Which was nice to see they were not just all talk with the giving back to the local GLBT Community.
I even met Lance Bass and Broadway Star Tituss Burgess!

Not bad for a Tuesday after work! The next one is on November 24th at VLADA Lounge NYC from 6-9PM so you know I wont be missing it and I HIGHLY Suggest everyone else be there too! Who knows if we will Find Fred there!

Click on FINDFRED.COM to Join Now and Get free Premium Membership through 2009 whe you use the Promo Code PIPER Tell Your Friends!!!
Until Next Time.......