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Sunday, December 20, 2009

FINDFRED.COM National Equality March 09 Promo Code PIPER hit the streets to exercise our rights in DC and got the word out about FindFred!
Location: Washington DC Oct 10-11th

FINDFRED.COM National Equality March 09 Promo Code PIPER hit the streets to exercise our rights in DC and got the word out about FindFred!
Location: Washington DC Oct 10-11th


This is a video of clips from my view of the National Equality March in Washington DC with while we were on Lady GaGa Team! It was a great day and I am so proud to have been there, Check out and Use the Promo Code PIPER to get 1 month Prem Membership FREE

Holidays Are Here, FINDFRED.COM Invites You

INFUSE THE SPARK – New York’s Newest Social Event

Join the Men of FINDFRED.COM as we celebrate the Holidays with Drink Specials, Giveaways and more! 8P – 12A

  • Come “Deck The Halls & Jingle Your Balls” w/Bruce Vilanch, featuring cast members from NAKED BOYS SINGING, IN THE HEIGHTS, JERSEY BOYS + Iriving Berlin’s WHITE CHRISTMAS
  • Show Starts at 10P
  • Scott Nevins from truTv’s “THE SMOKING GUN PRESENTS” hosts “Who’s Your Santa?”
  • Get your photo taken with our Sexy Santa!! Proceeds from photos along with the Charity Raffle Benefit Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS
  • Music by DJ PlateSpiller
  • Hosted by VLADA Lounge NYC 331 W 51st (Btwn 8th & 9th Ave)


Make a donation during this holiday season & Enter to Win FREE Tickets!!


  • For each individual $10 donation to BC/EFA via the FINDFRED.COM Team Raiser Page, you will be entered in a raffle to win 2 VIP tickets to an upcoming performance of NAKED BOYS SINGING along with an autographed poster and CD.
  • For each individual $20 donation to BC/EFA via the FINDFRED.COM Team Raiser Page, you will be entered in a raffle to win 2 VIP tickets to an upcoming performance of IN THE HEIGHTS along with an autographed poster and CD.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Eligibility will be all donations made between 12:01am on Tuesday, December 15, 2009 through 11:59pm on Friday, January 1, 2010. 1 winner per price break will be notified on Monday, January 4, 2010.

Not a member of FINDFRED.COM ?

In addition, FINDFRED.COM will donate an additional $1 to BC/EFA for every premium membership registered using code BCEFA thru Jan 1, 2010

Saturday, December 12, 2009



Join the Men of FINDFRED.COM as we celebrate the Holidays with Drink Specials, Giveaways and More
Scott Nevins from truTv's "THE SMOKING GUN PRESENTS"hosts "Who's Your Santa?" our own version of Secret Santa

10:30pm - "Deck The Halls & Jingle Your Balls"
Holiday Show with Special Guests-BRUCE VILANCH, Writer & Star of Stage, TV & Silver Screen
-Featuring Cast Members from NAKED BOYS SINGING, Irving Berlin's WHITE CHRISTMAS, IN THE HEIGHTS, JERSEY BOYS + Many More!

Drink Specials ALL NIGHT
for Members of

Not a member click the
link and get 2 months Premium Membership Free as a gift from INFUSE THE SPARK
Charity Raffle Benefiting
Broadway Cares Equity
Fights AIDS

It Doesn't Matter If Your Naughty Or Nice.... This is a Holiday Event not to be missed!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009 at 7:00pm
Wednesday, December 23, 2009 at 12:00am


331 W 51st Street

New York, NY

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Attetion Gay Men! Who are you supporting?

I saw this posting from Bamm-Bamm Blog,

I have been pretty vocal about the things that make FINDFRED.COM different from other social networking sites and M4M Sites one being the Charity Aspect that is like no one else out there. Here is what Bamm-Bamm had to say....

Many of you had heard me talk about knowing where your money is going… I am asking you to please pay attention to it once again.

Many of you use to arrange for hookups. Some of you are aware that they donated money to the McCain-Palin campaign, but that isn’t my biggest concern. Yesterday, they sent a letter to non-profit

HIV Outreach Organizations and let them know that from now on they would be charged a minimum of $100/year for a basic profile (even more expensive than a regular users premium membership for a year). Until recently, these accounts were free, because according to their website “Manhunt Cares.” They also rolled out a range of other “services” for HIV agencies that range in price from the basic profile for $100/year to a package with all the bells and whistles for the low, low, price of $7,500.

Most HIV outreach agencies, like the one I work for, can barely afford to pay for the services that they offer. Now an online hookup site that makes millions of dollars from our community is trying to make a profit off of the agencies that are working to eliminate the spread of HIV.

Most other online hookup sites afford HIV outreach agencies free profiles in order to use their services to stop the spread of this dreaded disease. Some, like even donate portions of their profits back to those same agencies. I am asking gay men to think twice before paying a membership fee to a company like that is willing to charge up to $7,500 for our outreach work.

The FINDFRED.COM team has a history of being active in the GLBT community across the country, with more than $1,000,000 donated by its founders to GLBT organizations and charities during the past 20+ years.

FINDFRED.COM has committed a minimum 10% of all revenues to be donated back into the GLBT community.

In the past 6 months here in New York, FINDFRED.COM has made contributions to Broadway Bares 19 Click It, and the23rd Annual Flea Market &Grand Auction on behalf of Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, Fire Island Dance Festival 15 for Dancers Responding to AIDS, Masterbeat In The Pines Party for and the National Equality March in Washington D.C.

On FINDFRED.COM you can actually have a say over where your money is going to locally as well as have your charities submitted to recieve grants from FINDFRED.COM! We are truly doing our best tomake a difference! click on the THIS LINK FINDFRED.COM PROMO CODE PIPER ( for free premium membership as a gift to check out what everyone is talking about)

FINDFRED.COM has also recently teamed up with GAYLIFENYC.ORG who helps recently diagnosed people with HIV guide through the system giving support and letting people know about different assistance programs that are out there that are not always made known to people by case workers all while keeping your spirits up and you entertained!



FINDFRED.COM was on top this week with INFUSE THE SPARK NYC Exclusive Preview Event for SHOPSUPERMODEL.COM. The new line of accessories for you to live and look like a Supermodel H to T from AMERICAS NEXT TOP MODEL Cycle 10 Winner Whitney Thompson & Leah Thompson!

The Event Brought out Celebs from all over from the entertainment world to the NFL!

Sarah Hartshorne ( ANTM Cycle 9 ) came out to support her fellow ANTM Alumni

Jason Christopher Peters from Tyra Banks "STYLISTA" and Stylist Tom Soluri from Shows like Gossip Girls were there with eye on fashion.

Bobbie Eakes ( Crystal on ALL MY CHILDREN) and David Steen ( Sordid Lives ) were there lending their support to FINDFRED.COM and GayLifeNYC, they are both Huge Supporters of the Charity Work both organizations do.

NFL Star Erik Ainge from the NY Jets was there to see the mens line and to lend support of his friend Whitney Thompson.

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Bring This Flyer to Tuesdays INFUSE THE SPARK and Join FINDFRED.COM at the event, and not only will you get 2 Months Premium Membership FREE but also a Free INFUSION drink!









Tuesday, December 8, 2009 (7PM - 12AM)

Preview Show at 10:00 PM

VLADA Lounge (331 W. 51st)

FINDFRED.COM is pleased to announce INFUSE THE SPARK - New York's Newest Social Event and a New York exclusive preview of SHOPSUPERMODEL.COM. America’s Next Top Model Cycle 10 Winner Whitney Thompson & Designer Leah Thompson have teamed with the men of FINDFRED.COM to give you a first look at their new line of accessories from candles that melt into body massage oils to men and women’s jewelry that will let you live and look like a supermodel H to T!

INFUSE THE SPARK will take place on Tuesday, December 8th, 2009 from 7PM – 12AM at VLADA Lounge (331 West 51st). Come get a first look at what SHOPSUPERMODEL.COM has to offer before anyone else! Preorder items just in time for the holidays. Special discount for FINDFRED.COM members.

Not a FINDFRED.COM member? You can join at the INFUSE THE SPARK event and receive an added gift from us.

Drink specials all night, giveaways and much more!

Meet the designers in this exclusive intimate preview event not being offered in any other city.

Charity raffle benefiting Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS


Link to facebook invite

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Join Today and use the promo code PIPER to get 2 months Premium Membership Free

FINDFRED is the revolutionary new way for guys to meet guys. We have taken the best features from other M4M & social networking sites like Facebook and Myspace, as well as dating sites like to create a hybrid M4M site that is truly one of a kind and added a few extras to bring you this top of the line site featuring a revolutionary match feature.
FINDFRED is receiving member and industry accolades for its ground breaking Visual Profile with almost 100,000 members in North America making us the 5th largest M4M site in the world and also the fastest growing with the site launching in Europe and South America in early 2010.

Looking for Mr. Right? Findfred offers a sophisticated way for men to meet men using a special Match feature. Chat, Email, Match, Socialize. Basic Membership is FREE so try us out.
The FINDFRED team has a history of being active in the GLBT community across the country, with more than $1,000,000 donated by its founders to GLBT organizations and charities during the past 20+ years
FindFred will commit a minimum of 10% of revenues towards grants and investments for Local GLBT charities, equal rights and community causes.

FindFred allows the Members to Vote and help us decide what is important to your local community and even has applications for you to submit new local GLBT Charities and Organizations to be added to list to be eligible to receive Funds from FindFred!

This year FindFred has Donated Money, Time and Awareness to several Local NYC GLBT Organizations. -Broadway Cares Equity Fights AIDS -Broadway Bares 19 Click It -"Strip-A-Thon" Battle of the Browsers -BC/EFA Flea Market & Grand Auction -Dancers Responding to AIDS -Fire Island Dance Festival 15 -Masterbeat in the Pines ( Benefit for DRA ) -National Equality March in Washington DC -INFUSE THE SPARK


Dec 8th 2009 / 7P-12AM

331 W 51st ST (Btwn 8th/9th Ave)
(212) 974-8030

Join the men of FINDFRED.COM, Americas Next Top Model Winner, Whitney Thompson & Designer Leah Thompson for the NYC EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW EVENT of SHOPSUPERMODEL.COM, the only place to Look and Live like your a Super Model "H to T". Get an exclusive look at her new line of unisex accessories from Candles to Jewelry before anyone else! You can even pre-order Items from the site ONLY at this INFUSE THE SPARK event just in time for the holidays and as a bonus FINDFRED Members get a Special Discount on all pre order sales!

Not a member yet? join at the event and get a free gift from FINDFRED.COM.

Preview Show at 10:30 Hosted by Whitney and Leah, featuring The Men of FINDFRED.COM

Drink Specials All Night, $5 INFUSION Drinks

Charity Raffle benefiting BC/EFA and DJ PlateSpiller Spinning!

No Cover 7-12AM

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


The weather outside is frightful but my dear INFUSE THE SPARK is so delightful and since we no place to go..... Lets go to VLADA Lounge NYC and be the first and only people to see AMERICAS NEXT TOP MODEL cycle 10 winner WHITNEY THOMPSON

& fellow Designer Leah Thompson new line of accessories for you and your home! They have everything from Candles that melt into massage oil to the hottest jewelry for guys girls and gay glam galor!

Tuesday December 8th FINDFRED.COM brings you INFUSE THE SPARK NYC's Newest Social Event. We have teamed up with Whitney & Leah to give you the First and Only Place to see the preview of SHOPSUPERMODEL.COM! This is also the only time you can Pre-Order from SHOPSUPERMODEL.COM just in time for the Holidays and as a bonus members of FINDFRED.COM will get a Discount on all Pre-Ordered Items but this is only available at the INFUSE THE SPARK Event. Special Preview Show at 10:00PM featuring the Men Of FINDFRED.COM.

Not a Member of FINDFRED.COM yet? You can join at the event and get a special gift from FINDFRED.COM!

Don't miss this very special event it is guaranteed to make you SMIZE "H to T"

331 W 51st Street

Friday, November 6, 2009

Over 250,000 Gay Men in NYC... so lets FindFred

My Journey to FIND FRED in NYC has started off with a few interesting situations that have let me meet some new friends and a few possible Freds! FINDFRED.COM has given a new feel to the dating scene in New York City, The City That Never Sleeps where anything and everything can be ordered with the ease of just the click of the mouse or pushing the newest app on your iPhone 24 hours a day. Dating in the Big Apple had turned into just that, with the ease of ordering chinese food at 4 AM you just click and scroll, page after page of faceless shirtless pecs and bi-ceps pictures with a few basic stats attached to them! Most of which are off by 10 years and 20 lbs with profiles that have no real substance beside what they are "into" described in 200 characters or less!
Now I have not given up on the bar scene or the chance that I may Find Fred at the Food Emporium or jogging up the west side highway. But with a busy work schedule and trying to have time for my dogs, friends and of course the gym, going to the bars is not always the most simple way to meet Mr. Right! So with all the M4M Sites out there I came across FINDFRED.COM. Like most sites a few hot guys on the log in page didn't set it apart at first but with the free promo code PIPER I got free Premium Membership for the rest of the year so I said why not try it.... and then there it was everything I was looking for. A site for gay men that was geared not just to hooking up with a quick click of a mouse but also offered social networking for friends and work, they give to local GLBT Charities and are doing a lot in the local GLBT Community and has a REAL Match Feature that can actually help me Find my Fred in this vast dating pool! They even have events to go meet other members of FINDFRED.COM. So I decided to check out one here in my neighborhood, Hells Kitchen!
VLADA Lounge NYC and FINDFRED.COM have "Infused" together to create a new happy hour event the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month called "Infused The Spark" and it was just what I was looking for. I got to meet guys from the area, had amazing drinks that were happy hour prices all night because I am a member of FINDFRED. They gave a pretty hot CD and even had a raffle for Tickets to the 2008 Tony Award Winning Musical In The Heights with all the money going to Broadway Cares Equity Fights AIDS! Which was nice to see they were not just all talk with the giving back to the local GLBT Community.
I even met Lance Bass and Broadway Star Tituss Burgess!

Not bad for a Tuesday after work! The next one is on November 24th at VLADA Lounge NYC from 6-9PM so you know I wont be missing it and I HIGHLY Suggest everyone else be there too! Who knows if we will Find Fred there!

Click on FINDFRED.COM to Join Now and Get free Premium Membership through 2009 whe you use the Promo Code PIPER Tell Your Friends!!!
Until Next Time.......