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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Attetion Gay Men! Who are you supporting?

I saw this posting from Bamm-Bamm Blog,

I have been pretty vocal about the things that make FINDFRED.COM different from other social networking sites and M4M Sites one being the Charity Aspect that is like no one else out there. Here is what Bamm-Bamm had to say....

Many of you had heard me talk about knowing where your money is going… I am asking you to please pay attention to it once again.

Many of you use to arrange for hookups. Some of you are aware that they donated money to the McCain-Palin campaign, but that isn’t my biggest concern. Yesterday, they sent a letter to non-profit

HIV Outreach Organizations and let them know that from now on they would be charged a minimum of $100/year for a basic profile (even more expensive than a regular users premium membership for a year). Until recently, these accounts were free, because according to their website “Manhunt Cares.” They also rolled out a range of other “services” for HIV agencies that range in price from the basic profile for $100/year to a package with all the bells and whistles for the low, low, price of $7,500.

Most HIV outreach agencies, like the one I work for, can barely afford to pay for the services that they offer. Now an online hookup site that makes millions of dollars from our community is trying to make a profit off of the agencies that are working to eliminate the spread of HIV.

Most other online hookup sites afford HIV outreach agencies free profiles in order to use their services to stop the spread of this dreaded disease. Some, like even donate portions of their profits back to those same agencies. I am asking gay men to think twice before paying a membership fee to a company like that is willing to charge up to $7,500 for our outreach work.

The FINDFRED.COM team has a history of being active in the GLBT community across the country, with more than $1,000,000 donated by its founders to GLBT organizations and charities during the past 20+ years.

FINDFRED.COM has committed a minimum 10% of all revenues to be donated back into the GLBT community.

In the past 6 months here in New York, FINDFRED.COM has made contributions to Broadway Bares 19 Click It, and the23rd Annual Flea Market &Grand Auction on behalf of Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, Fire Island Dance Festival 15 for Dancers Responding to AIDS, Masterbeat In The Pines Party for and the National Equality March in Washington D.C.

On FINDFRED.COM you can actually have a say over where your money is going to locally as well as have your charities submitted to recieve grants from FINDFRED.COM! We are truly doing our best tomake a difference! click on the THIS LINK FINDFRED.COM PROMO CODE PIPER ( for free premium membership as a gift to check out what everyone is talking about)

FINDFRED.COM has also recently teamed up with GAYLIFENYC.ORG who helps recently diagnosed people with HIV guide through the system giving support and letting people know about different assistance programs that are out there that are not always made known to people by case workers all while keeping your spirits up and you entertained!

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